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September 9, 2013

Marine Cargo might be broken into Conventional Cargo and Specialized Cargo.

Conventional Cargo includes:

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combined cargo, import/export and within Australia

annual import/export, and

single transit risks.

Specialized Cargo may also include:

Online Marine Cargo Freight Quotes

fruit and veggies

bulk goods


cargo lack of profits, and

project cargo

Marine Cargo insurance covers you for loss or harm to goods on the road either within Australia or imports/exports back and forth from Australia or a mix of the 3.

In line with the Institute based in london Underwriters’ wordings for road, air and ocean travel, local insurance provider Marine Cargo insurance items could be arranged and put on an “all risks” or restricted cover basis.

You will find three kinds of marine cargo insurance coverage available:

Institute Cargo Clause (A) covers all perils of loss or harm to cargo except individuals excluded through the standard exclusions, for example delay, regular reduction in weight or volume, regular deterioration, inadequate and unacceptable packing and natural vice.

Institute Cargo Clauses (B) and (C) provide less comprehensive cover.


Annual Marine Cargo Insurance – Imports/Exports

Cover commercial goods being imported or released to or from Australia.&nbsp Convenient insurance of deliveries in which the insured’s risk attaches throughout a policy period. Fees are by deposit, adjustable on actual declared worth of annual deliveries. Ideal to insurance of imports but could affect exports.

Marine Single Transit Insurance

Insurance for any single delivering of products (apart from home removals), or animals, with a range of numerous standard cover options. Individual conditions and terms might be arranged for sendings not focused for by standards covers.

Marine Inland Transit Open Cover Insurance

Automatic insurance of products, with monthly terms of sendings with no deposit premium needed.

Marine Goods on the road Insurance

Annual insurance of transit of products or animals which commence throughout a policy period. Premium by deposit, adjustable on declared worth of annual sendings. Two cover options, along with a very wide transit clause, plus valuable free cover benefits.

Marine Goods on the road (Own Automobiles) Insurance

An easy and affordable annual cover deficits occurring to goods transported in almost any vehicle possessed and/or run by the Insured. This complements the coverage supplied by motor insurance around the vehicle. Flat premium on sum insured per vehicle, with no need to record and declare the need for goods transported.

Marine Specified Products on the road Insurance

Annual cover deficits occurring throughout transit associated with a specified products apt to be regularly moved by registered road automobiles, including trailers. Easy and affordable insurance against major transit risks for a myriad of products, from tools of trade, computer systems and musical or any other equipment, to motorboats or racing cars.

Marine Service providers Cargo Liability Insurance

Protects the liability of service providers for lack of or harm to goods transported and resulting liability for delay, lack of market or consequential loss. Includes approved legal costs. Available simply to service providers using approved conditions of carriage.

Marine Service providers Goods on the road Insurance

An adaptable insurance cover customer’s goods on the road, permitting the company to set up compensation for goods lost or broken regardless of legal liability.

Online Marine Cargo Freight Quotes

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